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Taking on a commercial lease is usually one of the biggest investments a business makes. The leasing process is complex and commercial leases are onerous, with major obligations for both the commercial landlord and the commercial tenant.

At John Donkin Solicitors, our solicitors for commercial leases can guide you through the process of entering into a new lease or extending or renewing an existing lease as well as a range of other related legal issues. We have a sound understanding of the needs of businesses and we will always work to ensure that your lease is in the best interests of your organisation.

We have been established for over fifty years and have an excellent reputation for the high levels of service we provide to businesses in the Tyne and Wear area and beyond. We also offer the efficiency and flexibility of a modern law practice.

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Our Commercial Lease Services

We deal with all aspects of leasing commercial premises, including:

  • Advising on Heads of Terms
  • Agreement for lease
  • Drafting and agreeing a commercial property lease
  • Advising on schedules of condition
  • Break clauses
  • Representation during commercial rent review
  • Dilapidations
  • Commercial lease assignment and commercial lease subletting
  • Licence to occupy commercial premises
  • Service charges
  • Forfeiture of a commercial lease
  • Commercial lease disputes

We represent commercial landlords and commercial tenants across a full range of property types, including office premises, retail units, warehousing, hospitality and industrial premises.

Commercial Lease Agreements

Entering into a commercial lease means agreeing to a wide range of obligations and liabilities. Our commercial lease solicitors can ensure that these are negotiated to align with your requirements as far as possible. Where necessary, we will negotiate on your behalf to help ensure that your lease gives you the flexibility you need.

Key issues in a commercial lease include:

  • The amount of rent payable and when it will fall due
  • The term (duration) of the lease
  • Security of tenure, or whether the lease is contracted out of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • How rent review will be dealt with
  • User clause, or how the premises may be used
  • How much the service charge will be and whether it is capped
  • Break clause, if either party is to have the option to end the tenancy early
  • Assignment and subletting, if this is permitted and how it will be dealt with
  • Repairing and insurance liabilities for the tenant

Schedules Of Conditions

Where the tenant takes on a full repairing and insuring lease, they will typically have the responsibility of maintaining and returning the property in good repair and condition at the end of the term. This can sometimes oblige a tenant to undertake works as soon as they have entered into the lease and/or to put the premises in a better state than it was at the beginning of the lease. It is often possible to agree on a schedule of condition at the start of the term and ensure that as a tenant, you do not have to restore the property to a better condition than it was.

For example, if the roof was in poor repair when you took on the property, without an agreed schedule of condition you could be required to have the roof replaced at your own expense before handing back the premises.

A schedule of condition prepared by an expert commercial surveyor will set out exactly what the state of the property was at the start and ensure that you have no liability beyond this and we can ensure that there are appropriate provisions within the lease.

Renewing A Commercial Lease

When a lease is due for renewal, we can ensure that you comply with the terms of the lease in dealing with this. We can negotiate the renewal terms, including in respect of rent, service charges, break clauses and duration of the new lease.

Where you are having trouble agreeing on terms, we can work to try and resolve matters promptly and without the need for proceedings. We are able to draft and serve any appropriate notices.

Contact Our Solicitors For Commercial Leases

Commercial property is an expensive undertaking and it is essential to have sound legal advice before entering into a commercial lease. We can ensure that your lease is drafted to suit your requirements and that you do not take on more liabilities than you intend.

For more information on the advice and assistance we can offer to individuals and businesses, please call us on 0191 495 2896 or complete a Free Online Enquiry today.

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