Negligent Surgery Claims

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If you or a loved one has undergone surgery resulting in pain, discomfort or an injury, you may be able to bring a successful claim for surgical negligence. Errors made during surgery or the aftercare, can result in devastating consequences for the patient, life changing injuries and sometimes death.

Except in emergency situations, a patient is required to give informed consent and is entitled to know the risks associated with any surgery. That is the case regardless of whether the surgery is for medical or cosmetic purposes. However, even when informed consent is obtained, mistakes can be made by both private and NHS surgeons, resulting in the treatment falling below the reasonable standard required by the law.

We have significant experience in investigating and representing clients in claims concerning surgical errors. Claims are often complex and will in all cases require expert medical evidence. We understand the distress caused to victims of surgical errors and will help our clients every step of the way through the claims process to achieve the best results for them. We can offer a CFA (“no win no fee”) for suitable cases.

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Typical surgical error cases can include:

- Failing to obtain informed consent.
- Operating on the wrong part of the body.
- Performing the wrong operation.
- Incorrect administration of anaesthetic.
- Failing to remove foreign objects post surgery
- Causing unnecessary damage to nerves, muscles or blood vessels

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