Violent Disorder

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Violent disorder is a public order offence that can potentially result in a prison sentence. There are several elements that must be proved and a range of possible defences. Allegations or charges of violent disorder need to be taken seriously and if you are facing these, you are strongly advised to speak to an experienced violent disorder solicitor without delay. Any interview under caution undertaken by the police permits free independent legal advice at the police station.

At John Donkin Solicitors, we provide representation and defence for violent disorder offences. We will ensure that your rights have not been breached and give you the advice and guidance you need. All of our criminal defence team members have experience in dealing with allegations of violent disorder, and we have a strong track record in dealing effectively with charges.

We hold the Law Society’s accreditation for criminal litigation in recognition of both our legal expertise and the high level of service we provide.

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Violent Disorder

Violent disorder is an offence under section 2 of the Public Order Act 1986. Cases may be heard either in the Magistrates’ Court or at the Crown Court.

The offence occurs when three or more persons present together use or threaten unlawful violence so that their conduct, when taken together, would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for their personal safety.

It can occur in public or on private property. Examples include violence at a public event such as football violence, pub or nightclub brawls that could cause risk or fear to bystanders or violent protest where objects are thrown or fires are set.

Violent Disorder Representation

If you are facing allegations of violent disorder, we can provide full representation. Our services include:

  • Representation at the police station and during interviews under caution
  • Obtaining all available evidence, to include all evidence held by the authorities
  • Discussing the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the options open to you
  • Putting together a strong defence on your behalf
  • Court representation by a skilled violent disorder defence advocate
  • If you have already been convicted, appeal against conviction for violent disorder

Defence To Violent Disorder Charges

Because each of the points needs to be proved to secure a conviction, there are several potential defences to violent disorder.

We may be able to show that the facts do not support the charge. For example, you may have been present but not part of the group using or threatening violence. Events can be chaotic and you may have been accused of violent disorder, even though you were not involved.

We will secure all available evidence, such as video recordings and witness statements, to try and establish exactly what happened and, where possible, clear your name.

If you were acting in self defence or attempting to restore the peace, you would also have a valid defence.

The defence will need to establish that the level of threat or violence was sufficient to cause someone of reasonable firmness to fear for their safety. In some cases, we may be able to show that this threshold was not met.

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Violent Disorder Sentencing Guidelines

The usual sentence for violent disorder ranges from a community order up to four years and six months in custody. In deciding on the appropriate sentence, the court will look at the level of culpability and the level of harm.

Issues considered in respect of culpability include:

• The level of violence and what, if any, weapons or incendiary devices were used
• Whether an individual was targeted
• If the incident was part of a widespread or large-scale act of violence against people and/or property
• Whether the incident was planned
• Whether there were threats only

Issues considered when looking at the level of harm caused include:

• Serious physical injury or serious fear, distress or disruption
• Severe detrimental impact on the community
• Substantial costs to businesses or loss of livelihood
• Substantial costs to the public purse
• The incident resulted in attacks on the police or public servants
• Extensive damage to property
• The highest level of harm will involve extreme or multiple examples of the above

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