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Having a valid Will is important. Not only will it ensure that your estate passes to your loved ones to provide for their future, but it can also reduce the risk of a disagreement arising when the time comes.

At John Donkin Solicitors, we can work with you to draft a Will that protects your assets for the next generation. Our team are friendly and approachable and will be happy to answer your questions.

We will make the process as easy as possible for you and ensure that you have the advice you need to make the right decisions for your family.

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Our Wills Services

We provide a complete Wills service, including the following:

  • Advice on your Will and related issues, including trusts, succession planning, tax and Inheritance Tax planning
  • Drafting your Will
  • Advice in respect of inheritance, blended families and other non-traditional family situations
  • Wills disputes

Why A Will Is Important

Leave Your Estate To Your Choice Of Beneficiary, In The Shares That You Want

Without a Will, there is a risk that those closest to you will not receive money from your estate in the way that you might have chosen. Your assets would pass in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy and this could mean that your children might receive much less than you intended. Cohabiting partners and stepchildren do not receive anything under these rules.

Appoint trusted individuals to manage your affairs

You can choose whom you would like to administer your estate when the time comes and if you have minor children, you can use your Will to appoint guardians for them. If you do not appoint a guardian, then the court will decide with whom they will live, which might not have been the choice that you would have made.

You can also appoint trustees to look after the assets in your estate until your children are old enough to inherit. You can choose what age this will be, for example, 21 or 25.

Avoid Sideways Disinheritance

In some circumstances, your estate could pass away from your children altogether, for example, if you remarry. Your new spouse could inherit and then leave the money to their choice of beneficiary or spend or lose the money. We can draw up a Will that gives your spouse the use of any shared property as well as capital money during their lifetime, but ensures that in the future, your estate will ultimately pass to your children or other choice of beneficiary.

Reduce The Chance Of Disputes

If someone dies without leaving a Will, there is an increased chance of disagreements and misunderstandings as those closest to the deceased could have different views as to what they might have wanted to happen after their death. If a dispute escalates, it could result in legal action which could drain the estate of funds as well as causing an irreparable rift between family members.

By leaving a clear and unambiguous Will, your loved ones will know exactly what your wishes were.

Dealing With Personal Possessions

As well as leaving your money and property to your choice of beneficiaries, a Will also gives you the chance to leave your personal possessions to individuals, ensuring that your loved ones receive something to remember you by and that will mean a lot to them.

Structure Your Estate In The Most Efficient Way Possible

When your Will is drawn up, you can choose how your estate is structured and consider issues such as gifts to charity and lifetime gifts. If you leave 10% or more of your estate to charity, Inheritance Tax is reduced.

Reviewing Your Will

It is recommended that you review your Will around every five years and also in the light of any major life changes, such as buying a house, marrying or having a child or grandchild.

Why Choose John Donkin Solicitors For Your Will

Our team have extensive experience in drawing up Wills for clients in a wide range of circumstances, including complex and high-value estates and non-traditional family structures. We will always take the time to understand your situation and what you want to achieve with your Will.

We will ensure that your Will contains the right provisions that will protect your assets and provide for your loved ones in the future.

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